WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flair Plus Disposable Devices (Summer Passion - 800 Puffs)


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Flair Plus summer passion is a choice you need to make this holiday season, the flair plus summer passion disposable vape pen is filled with the deliciousness of tropical passion fruit, citrusy mango & lime.
Each puff of flair plus summer passion feels like savoring the blend of sweet yet enriched tropical drops of fruity flavors.


  • 50mg TFN nicotine
  • 1 ml of e-liquid
  • Approx. equivalent to 800 puffs or 1 pack of cigarettes
  • Perfect fit for smokers trying to quit
  • MTL(mouth to lung) technique to have flavorful vaping

  • 1 x 3.5ml device with prefilled e-Liquid with 550 mAH Battery
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4.7 12 Reviews
  • Nguyen

    My flairs are the best purchases i have made in a long time, they last an insane amount of time. I have this one last for more than a month. I don’t take super hard hits. But I still take nice hits. I love my disposables. My favorite flavors that I’ve tasted are watermelon ice, strawberry ice and this, the summer passion.

  • Eamon Levins

    This hands down the most interesting flavor i have tried. I can’t still seem to pin it down to what exactly it tastes like. But it’s sound flavor overall. Good vibes, feel good moments and feelings that takes and gives. You won’t regret it. Overall 10/10

  • Wu

    The summer passion is a solid flavor. My everyday companion.

  • Sydney

    I got the flair summer passion and I really like it, it tastes like a mixed fruit punch.

  • Jaime Cohen

    Bro I got the summer passion, that shit tastes like candy puss. I DO recommend. A surreal taste and buzz.

  • Nick Brown

    You can’t go wrong with the flair vapes tho. Extremely underrated. Most people don’t know it too well i think you have to make more marketing moves to get people in the know of how much quality you offer to vapers.

  • Brandon Awad

    The Summer Passion flavor is AMAZING! These disposables are great for a quick nicotine fix for cigarette smokers. I hear half are icy or menthol but the Summer Passion flavor isn’t at all.

  • edward_march498

    Tried the Summer passion and the taste was awesome. Very sweet it has a skittles taste. A bright tropical buzz and taste. it's very cool like smoking a sweet tropical icecube. Lol

  • Noe A

    This summer passion is for me. Just perfect! The strawberry flavors are very sweet and i cough, i don’t like them for just that reason.

  • Oswald

    The super luscious flavors of flair disposable vapes are going to drive you crazy and you are never going to get exhausted from vaping. I tell you, it’d be the best you’ve ever had.

  • Michael Applegate

    Summer Passion is the dream… the strawberry cream was disappointing. I like flair...my friend gets other flavors i like, krazy mint and pina colada were really good. Flair is just fire.

  • chris Moretto

    The summer passion is a tropical vape one and it’s ehhh! It’s fruity and sweet. The buzz stayed for like 5 mins. I have also tried other flavors like the watermelon ice and some of the other watermelon variants. They are all good.