WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flair Plus Disposable Devices (Strawberry Watermelon - 800 Puffs)


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What is more tongue-tickling than watermelon? Flair plus holiday special edition strawberry watermelon.
Filled with mouthwatering watermelon and fruity strawberry all in one.
A refreshing and juicy strawberry watermelon mingling to take you adventures holiday vibes!
Flair plus holiday edition strawberry watermelon is a lively and sweet but not too sugary combination of two heavenly fruits on earth!


  • 50mg TFN nicotine
  • 1 ml of e-liquid
  • Approx. equivalent to 800 puffs or 1 pack of cigarettes
  • Perfect fit for smokers trying to quit
  • MTL(mouth to lung) technique to have flavorful vaping

  • 1 x 3.5ml device with prefilled e-Liquid with 550 mAH Battery
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4.5 15 Reviews
  • Alva pizzo

    I have all the flair flavors and and ve been buying them from their website. They got all of the most exciting flavors stocked up and at an amazing price. Who would have though i would get a strawberry watermelon that truly works for the $10? 800 puffs and more of pure bliss.

  • Desiree Minter

    Man I remember my first vape . I found it on the ground and work and started vaping it . It was nasty flavor, i was new to vaping and went cheap . Now i’ve copped this one from flair and it feels better . the flavor is really nice , you would love it .

  • Nikita Fioretti

    Yo! This is gas man. I never used to like watermelon but it subtle on this one and the fruity flavor of the strawberry overshadows it and makes it feel all the more better. Over all good trips.

  • Lexi fiscor

    That's a good one. I don't love watermelon but this one is light on the watermelon. Not overly sweet either! I like it.

  • Ethan Crosby

    800 puffs of premium pleasure. I bought 2, finished one in about a week, on the second one rn and i’ve not had a moment disappointment. It tastes like cranberry, stale and sweet. I like it.

  • Maureen Nascimento

    This flair vape is fire. I take 5 strong hits every time and I didn't do it for like 12 hours or more, shit makes me want to stop walking and hold on to something. The buzz is fr fr.

  • matt_ferry738

    I get tripped by the packing and the build. These vapes are finnneeee for days. I could keep looking at them. I don’t smoke, i only buy them to keep,,, you could say that i am a vape collector.

  • George Marston

    This is such a fine ass flavor. You’d love it.

  • Madalyn Davronov

    Tasty. I’ve een buying it for a year now and it stays the same evrytime. Good one guys.

  • Kate Davi

    I just got my hand on these and the experience is great atleast for now. I how it tastes and it doesnt burn like a bar i got some time back. I would use it for a week and edit this review as necessary.

  • JOHN Nialys

    This one was the opposite for me I got watermelon but with a pungent funky floral taste. I tried to spend some time with it but I just couldnt seem to do it. I threw it away.

  • Beth Sippel

    Hit a friends vape and that shit was good asf 😮💨 i had him buy me one, this same one next day. This is a super nice flavor and i like it. I would try other flair flavors soon.

  • Joseph Steitz

    I like that it retains it fruity nature. The blend of strawberry and watermelon is just in it’s right proportions and it gives the most value for everyone.

  • Lisa Binyard

    The packing came ripped. How do i get a replacement?

  • Grace Kalieta

    Giving vaping another go as definitely stopping this time. This flavour came with my vape and I really like it. Wondering whether anyone knows whether the ingredients for this brand are any better or worse than others. Cheers