WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

  • 1 x 3.5ml device with prefilled e-Liquid with 550 mAH Battery
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4.8 14 Reviews
  • Janine Puglisi

    Sleek and posh is how i like to describe the flair vapes. Every single flair vape i have used have been a hit. Strong potency combined with a sleek functional design makes it the most ideal vape for the price range. I have used it for like forever and each time seems new.

  • Ryan Gabriella

    Most vapes i have tried are quite harsh and very uncomfortable to use after a few days but not this one. I lasted far longer than most i have had prior and still remain as comfortable and seamless as it was on the first day. Not everyday you find something that just does the job for the best price.

  • Angelica Leissing

    I have been an avid vaper for close to 12 years now and i say this with all sense of certainty and strong knowledge that this vape trumps many in it’s class today on the market. The design and composition is great beyond what you would get regularly for that price.

  • Jessica Flansburg

    As a vaper, a $10 device with 800 puffs in it is A STEAL my plug sells them for 40 so yea its pretty good. And the flavor is as it should be.

  • Mathew

    I think everyone should try the flair disposables. They are a bang for every spent buck. Just super awesome devices with a strong lifeline and strong potency.

  • Ryan Newton

    Dude I tried a puff for like two hours once and I felt like I was gonna die. The sshit is super strong and potent. I got others, but not one gets to me like this.

  • Esordi

    These disposable flairs are so flavorful, so good and for a price that seems so much like a steal. I have just coop some more and I am loving every moment with them.

  • Haley valley

    It works well. Better than cigarettes. I have not had a stick of cigarette since i started using the vape and the flavor is heavenly.. One of my best flavors.

  • Peter Cottingham

    It’s always good when it’s a flair, so i’m not surprised by how well this blue razz flavor has done. The tantalizing influence of the lemonade is such a great distraction but it is exciting in many ways.

  • chesser726

    If you wanna get buzzed with this vape you need to take longer hits. The short hits don’t do much but with longer hits, it’s easy to see how quickly the valves open up and you start to get all of the flow in swells.

  • Mystery Stewart

    I have tried different flavors but none hits like the blue razz lemonade. It’s such a fine choice.

  • Kristen Burfeind

    Great product for a great price. At $10, this is a fantastic buy.

  • patrick

    The vape isn’t the best of them. I have tried to use it several times but it don’t give the same feel like that of the Hyde Ghost. Although i kinda find it sleek and smooth, only wish it could be more potent.

  • Eduardo Miller

    I like how it is built. A super fine device. The pen lights up and the logo glows in a subtle tone that is clean and inviting. Blue razz lemonade is an absolute favorite.