WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

  • 1 x 3.5ml device with prefilled e-Liquid with 550 mAH Battery
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4.7 14 Reviews
  • madison_troyano397

    It took me almost 5 years and hundreds of different e-juice flavors/brands until i tried the ice orange cream by Flair vapors. Ice orange cream is PERFECTION and i tell you, it simply cannot be beat. It don’t matter the flavor or brand.. This is PERFECTION.

  • mathew398

    I recently ordered the Flair Plus Disposable Devices (Ice Orange Cream - 800 Puffs) and I’m so impressed with this flavor, it’s definitely an everyday vape. I have used it for a long time now with each use, I’m set for the day. Absolutely love this flavor.

  • Matt aquila

    I can't stand super sweet flavors, like candy, honey, milk etc. But I can agree on the Ice Orange Cream. Vaping on it right now, it's sweet, fresh, fruity and overall just nicely balanced. I think it's a line that you can't go wrong with! Probably my number one right now!

  • john_g447

    If you're thinking about getting the Ice Orange Cream I would Highly recommend it because it tastes and smells great. I have had it for years and it still has the same great flavor. Subtle and exciting in all ways.

  • Stella Lopez

    I work in a hospital, and i was working on a doctor's computer in her office... she said she was leaving, so i vaped some of that ice orange cream... she walked right back in because she forgot something and she was like "WOW! WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!?!" i apologized for vaping in her office and she was like "NO, that smells GREAT! Vape away!" Yeah, it smells THAT GOOD.

  • Craig Salguero

    If anyone is wondering what flavors to get when starting (non smokers) my top five are Cookie dough, Bubblegum, Cola Ice, Watermelon, Blueberry slush and the Ice orange cream. You can never go wrong with the ice orange cream. Great taste and very beginner friendly.

  • Audrey Cabrera

    The Flair Vape line is amazing. The blue razz is my favorite from the Flair line. I’d say you should give it a try. Not a lot like some of the more sophisticated ones but a better option than most selling for the same price.

  • Wu

    Ice orange cream is one of my absolute favorites of all time! Another favorite is the Summer Passion… an excellent sweet fruit/candy flavor that gets the juice running.

  • Clariece Hammell

    I just purchased this Flair Plus Disposable Ice Orange Cream a couple of weeks ago from my local vape shop. This is just absolutely right. The flavor is spot on Ice Orange Cream! I love this stuff! I already vaped all of mine up!

  • mark tirelli

    Thunder Grape was the first flavor I really fell in love with, and it's still a favorite now. But I have got some more favorites at the moment and those are the incredible Ice Orange Cream, Pink Lemonade and the Krazy Mint.

  • James taboaba

    Flair vapes is without a doubt the best vape company and i have recommended this to my friends and they love it.

  • Concepcion

    This is really well put together, I daresay that this is best i have had in my 5 odd years of vaping! Thanks for creating some fantastic Vapes.

  • matthew552

    I have used the ice orange for some time and I am loving it. Just ordered the apple mango pear from you guys, can't wait to try it! Love your products man! Keep it up.

  • Lisa Haddock

    Just bought the Ice orange cream and a few others on top of that. I’m super excited. Can't wait to try them!! Flair Vapes is easily the best, hands down! VAPE ON!