WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

  • 1 x 3.5ml device with prefilled e-Liquid with 550 mAH Battery
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4.9 28 Reviews
  • William Celusniak

    As i'm currently vaping on the flair (mango peach pineapple disposable vape im thinking of going back to the shop tomorrow and getting more of these in different flavors defo going to get the Summer passion one but gonna buy 2 -4 of them anyway. Also currently waiting on my new vape to be delivered. I also have strawberry ice and cream in 5% nic strength. Wish me luck.

  • Michael Hindman

    I'm going on my second week smoke free bc of vaping, 27 years a smoker. If you're struggling and ready to put down the cigs for good, vaping is an effective way to do it. I find these mango peach pineapples from flair very effective, potent and easy to carry around. Good luck to everyone in their smoke free new life!

  • Rizk

    I have been vaping consistently for a few years as a way to boost my metabolism and give myself a way to relieve stress and of all the flavors I have tried, the mango peach pineapple is the most accepting. Besides the obvious good looks of the flair disposable, the flavor profile of the “3 kings” offers an enjoyable experience.

  • Susan Lobasso

    Mango peach pineapple is an absolutely elite flavor. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to try a flair disposable for the 1st time. Berry Blast is good as well but it made me feel a bit sick after a while, berry flavors are just not for me.

  • Jason

    I have got friends who kept offering vapes to me and eventually I kinda just started rolling with it but the flavor that really got me hooked was when I tried the mango peach pineapple flavor. The tripartite flavor is a different feeling. I’ve kept getting these and can’t think of another.

  • annieliz_boyington989

    Ah! I love the mango peach pineapple flavor. I have tried to switch to the banana ice and co but i keep going back to this. The rich fruity flavor mix produces a distinct tinge that is irresistible for me. I find myself craving the flavor for times unend.

  • Antonio Lastella

    I started vaping a year ago. It has helped me stop the cravings for cigarettes slowly but surely and I only take around 15/20 hits per day now, i’ve got my flair closeby always and I know I am winning this fight.

  • Daniels

    I have this mango flavor, got it when I visited the us. It's thus far my favorite but it's hard to get it in my country, lucky i got loads of packs to last a while until my next travel. Wish flair could ship to Australia.. I might just open a distributorship in my local city.

  • memphis_rivera549

    Flair makes the best vapes. They are sleek, enjoyable and with very strong flavors. The flair vapes are better than others I have used but to get the best of it, you should ensure consistent drag as the air inflow ratio is instrumental to how the vape would perform.

  • Peter Cottingham

    I’ve been seeking for a quality vape product that tastes good and satisfies my cravings, but after using the apple mango pear flavor for the first time, I stopped looking. If anything, it is the best.

  • jennifer212

    I love this flavor since it is very tasty,hits the spot, and has a fantastic aftertaste that remains for a very long time. No one I’ve seen has only attempted it once.

  • Racheal Chiodi

    My favorites are the mango peach pineapple, watermelon and guava flavors. I've never got the lemonades as it isn't as refreshing and is bland.

  • Mallorie Remaley

    Apple mango pear is just the best flavor I have vaped . It hits so well and it is very smooth

  • Jess Messick

    Fantastic product ! does the job well and leaves you with a fantastic sensation. You’ll appreciate it if you purchase this item.

  • Robert McKenna

    Flairs are my favorites by a country mile! I am stuck with the MPP flavor and Banana Ice is also one of my favorites, Flair Disposables are OP😂💜

  • Xavier lol

    With this brand, you will enjoy the most because they have the best vape items. Since I started using their products, they have never let me down. I have always received my orders in good condition.

  • Desiree Minter

    I vaped this device for the first time yesterday, I can gladly say that it was awesome and I enjoyed it to the fullest. I look forward to receiving the bunch I ordered . because it is simply the best

  • Joseph

    This flavor hits the spot quite nicely and has a pleasantly lasting aftertaste. I keep buying and vaping it because I love it. You’ll like it, I’m sure.

  • Danny Foster

    The best device ever! Flavor is excellent. Last longer than most of the others I’ve tried. Every minute of it was enjoyable. You’ll appreciate it too, in my opinion. It is tried and true.

  • Fiend Spies

    Vaping has been a part of me for years I can distinguish a great vape product and a not so good one. And this brand has the best products .It is far better than other brands.

  • mackenzie_dipierro198

    Very supple and delicious. Doesn’t burn my throat like the majority of other brands. I’ve at last discovered the proper one! Apple mango pear is my favorite. You’ll surely love it, I guess.

  • Frederick Dickert

    It’s so heartwarming to know someone cares about making products that are helpful and of great quality, not the ripoff we find everywhere. Flair range products are the best and the disposable goes everywhere with me.

  • lisa_elhard958

    Until I discovered this brand, I had never been satisfied with vaping. Everything you could ever want is contained in it. Thanks a lot for making this amazing product.

  • Whatton

    No matter how many disposables I try, I always end up going back to this particular device Everything about it seems to be just a little bit better than all the others.

  • Rocco Noon

    I don’t usually write reviews, but this product’s quality has inspired me to do so. It’s a nice product, and I really enjoyed vaping it. Also, it is of the highest grade. Enjoy.

  • Bruce Gray

    No flavors are ‘horrible’ at least to me, but I did find this one to be quite sickly for my personal taste. I seem to love any of the blueberry variations, I do like the pink lemonade and Strawberry too!

  • Mark Budd

    Enjoy the richness and deliciousness of this apple mango pears flavor. It has been tried and trusted. It is the best disposable Device so far. you only need to buy it once to keep coming back for more. Lol

  • judilynn.298.gibson

    I unwind with this device every evening and I have never been disappointed.it satisfies my cravings and makes me relaxed it is just the absolute best.I highly recommend