WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

  • 1 x 3.5ml device with prefilled e-Liquid with 550 mAH Battery
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4.7 14 Reviews
  • Jesse Halkis

    If i’d be honest I thought the cola ice was more ice than cola, but I am a little disappointed as I didn’t really taste the cola. You know I have always got flair but this just didn’t cut the mark. Hope they can make it better... add more cola, that’s what i am guessing people are getting it for.

  • Bradyn Crespo

    The flair cola ice is such a great device, I recommend!

  • Max Macklin

    The Flair Plus Cola Ice Disposable, imo is a good summer flavor, an absolute delight. Cola is one of my fave flavors and this one right here is just what I ordered.

  • Matthew

    I have always got the flair disposables and have been doing so for two years now. I have had this flavor a few times before and i liked how it worked. If cola is your thing, you would like it too. It’s not too harsh or dry like most other brands.

  • stephanie_vargas790

    I gotta be completely honest with you. I love the cola ice and orange cream ice flavors. I think you should do more ice base flavor. Ykis

  • Angelica Leissing

    This was the first vape I ever hit in the cafeteria bathroom with my friend and I a really loved it. Never thought it was going to be an exciting experience but it was all the same. It did good.

  • Ryan Czaplicki

    Flair has a lot of good flavors. I have tried plenty and on course to complete a full range on the disposables. I particularly like this cola ice. strong , yet cool in a very different way. I really like it.

  • Maureen Nascimento

    Best value for money. The price is great and the quality too. I used to buy those higher priced ones but found they didn’t perform better than this one and now i can’t go back to wasting money.

  • Ashley Juarez

    Not that you have to but you should try this flavor, It's my personal fav. I have used a couple of others including the Hyde Vape Cola Ice but it wasn’t as good as this. The Hyde Vape is good but they tend to be more dry than average.

  • Vazquez

    Never heard of a cola flavored vape until i found these. And it seems absolutely nice I gotta be completely honest with ya. I really like it.

  • Jon Beaton

    Cola is one of my favourite flavours, defently a good choice.

  • Fountain

    The cola ice is epic! Flair outdid themselves on this range of disposables. Too many good flavors to choose from but i think the cola ice is the best one above them all.

  • Courtney Sosa

    Good one guys, Keep up the grind and consistency. I appreciate your products because I actually use them and they work.

  • Esordi

    I don’t like vapes as such, as I am quite picky with flavors but this man is premium quality. It is one of the few I can't pass up.