Flair Vape - Award Announcement

Flair Vape - Award Announcement

We came first place, and it was all because of you!

The Vape industry is a very competitive niche. To succeed, vape companies must continue to innovate and make products that meet the dynamic demands of their consumers. For most consumers, simplicity of use, quality and performance are the three most important factors when choosing a preferred vape product.

While these desires of most consumers may seem far-fetched for many, at Flair Vapes, we have consistently made devices that satisfy these requirements and our efforts have paid off.

We are pleased to announce that one of our vape brands, the Flair disposable zero nicotine vape (Banana Ice flavor) has clinched the first prize in the discount vape pen, customer, and staff vape review.

The discount vape pen review honors vape devices that are truly exceptional in terms of quality, performance, and best value for money. The award combines user acceptance and technical reviews to arrive at the choice of what vape products make the list. The award recognizes vape manufacturers that are committed to innovation, exceptional product quality, and consumer satisfaction.

And yes, we came top of that list. We are the champions of nicotine-free vapes!

We couldn’t have done this without your support.

Breaking through to the top has demanded from us, lots of smart work, creativity, and the zeal to outperform the competitions and our last best effort. But we would not be telling the full story if we do not make mention of the most important driving force in our rise to the top – You!

While it is easy for us to gloss over the fact that we make vape products that benefits the consumers, it is not lost on us that we wouldn’t have been this successful if you didn’t put your trust in our ability to deliver. Your consistent patronages, feedbacks, and reviews have helped us become better at turning out devices that deliver consistent satisfaction to all consumers.

You, our customers have been our most valuable asset. We appreciate your support and patronage as we hope that we can continue to serve you through innovative products and exceptional customer service.

And to the team at Discount Vape Pens, we say a big thank you. This award has not only reaffirmed our resolve to outperform our last best efforts but it is a true testament of our leadership of the industry. Flair Vapes are undoubtedly the leading disposable vape products manufacturers and your attestation of this fact is profoundly appreciated.

The Flair Difference

We are dedicated to making devices that provide value to the consumer. Our approach guarantees convenience, cleanliness, and discretion; the key attributes of the ideal disposable vape. Our disposable vape range provides the ultimate ease of use for all consumers. With our products, there is no need for additional heating sources or handling sticky products.

The Flair disposable range of vape pens are built solid with a sturdy strength and an unrivaled elegance. The hard plastic case has a sleek stylish body that is appealing as it is functional. It is simply a marvel.

Our exceptional product build, vapor quality, and long-lasting life are the value propositions your get when you choose a Flair device. With an exciting range of options, none other makes quality disposable e-cigs like us. Our products are expertly crafted with an array of 12 flavors to meet every need.

But, you shouldn’t take our word for it, you should try one today!

We have an exciting range of disposable e-cigs to choose from; we have the famed Banana Ice, the Blue Razz, Brain Squeeze, Cool Mint, Hawaiian Breeze Ice, Watermelon, Lush Ice, Mango Peach Pineapple, Menthol, Thunder Grape, Pina Colada, Strawberry Cream, Strawberry Banana, Peach Ice, and the Pink Lemonade.

Flair is changing the paradigm, and you should join us!