Flair Disposables, a Better Option of Vaping

Flair Disposables, a Better Option of Vaping

Get premium disposable vapes for less when you shop from flair vapor. For as low as $9.99, you can get the best of vaping experience with 15 fruity flavors to choose from and an exciting array of nicotine and non-nicotine variants.

Flair vapor has upped the ante for what disposable vapes should look and feel like, and are overall a better vaping option.

Wonder why we feel this way? We have created a short read below on some of the unique features of flair disposable vaporizers and why we consider them the very best option in a market of stiff competition. But first, let’s meet the company behind the brand.

The Flair Vapor Company

Created in 2011, Flair delivers satisfaction, and provides the adult vaper with a new experience that isn’t just unique but also satisfying. Flair vapor have carved a niche for themselves as manufacturers of premium vapes as an alternative for the adult smoker. The company is one of the leading electronic cigarette and vaporizer manufacturers and is fueled by its mission to create the most simple and flavorful alternatives to smoking. In pursuance of this mission, they have built a dependable brand renowned for its exceptional product quality, satisfy experience and affordable prices.

Flair Vapor is founded by a group of E-Cig experts with a combined decade-long experience in the vaping industry. The creators bring their experience to bear in creating the ultimate flavorful vape devices that are an envy of the competition and an excellent value for money.

Flair Vapor is a beacon of innovation and this is reflected in their product designs, flair and consistency.

There is a Flair for everyone. From the Flair Infinity to the Flair Plus Zero Nicotine, the range of Flair vapes and disposable vapes appeals to a cross section of experienced smokers and newbies trying vapes for the first instance.

When it’s vapes, you can always count on Flair Vapor!

Flair Disposable Vaporizers

Smarting from the success of the Flair Infinity range of vape pods and smart vaporizers, Flair Vapor has launched a new disposable vape range that takes the “H” out of “WAOH!”

The Flair Plus Disposable vape offers exciting new flavors in elegant designs with exceptionally powerful range and quick setup. With the Flair disposable vapes, there is no need for charging (it comes recharged), no refills and it’s ready-to-go right out of the box.

Some the exciting features that makes this vape the best in its class includes, its elegant built, super functionality and its range of variants. With Flair Disposable vapes, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Let’s experience some of its amazing features:

Built Quality: The Flair Disposable vape is built tough yet sleek. It is as rugged as the best you can ever find on the market. The hard plastic case and sleek stylish body are some of the appealing features of this device. The vape although disposable, is made to withstand significant use and abuse through its heavy 800 puffs strength.

You would find that the vape’s build quality oozes a sturdy strength and an unrivaled elegance. The outer body is made from cured industrial plastic finished with an intense glow (in whatever flavor you choose) that is classy as it is captivating.

The Flair Disposable Vape is easy to carry around and very discreet. At 15mm in diameter, it is only slightly bigger than a fountain pen and can be tucked in just about anywhere. It makes a fine addition to your ensemble and for the undiscerning mind; it could easily pass for a bespoke writing marker.

The vape comes in 12 variants, all with matching colors, taste, and feel.

Vapor Quality: Many users have described disposable vapes as lacking in character and quality but such cannot be said of the Flair range. In fact, one of the key notes behind the development of the Flair range of disposable vapes was to change the narrative of negative comments and building perception that disposable vapes were starting to acquire owing to low performance and below par quality.

The developers of the Flair Disposable Vapes considered all that was wrong with your present disposable vape and changed it for better. The vapor quality of the Flair Disposable Vaporizer is top notch and only comparable with regular vape pods. The vapor quality has been described as strong, rich and deep feeling.

Flair is changing the paradigm. If you go through the review comments from users, you would agree that Flair is a through game changer in build quality and more importantly in vapor quality.

The Flair disposable vape offers unmatched effective vapor strength of 800 puffs. In vapor strength and quality, Flair disposable vapes have truly craved a class for itself.

Longer-lasting: Very few disposable vapes can boast of the power of 800 puffs in a single vape. This feat is a product of intense, innovative research that is fueled by a customer-centric desire to offer only the best to all consumers. The Flair disposable vaporizer is clean, ergonomically superior, rugged, long lasting and very reliable under any condition.

Build quality and vapor quality matched together, produces a super impressive device that can go as far as you take it.

An Array of Options: There is a Flair Vape for everyone. Feeling differently? You can match your mood with any of the over 12 variants available to choose from.

Flair disposable vapes makes vaping fun and is unarguably, a better vaping option every time.