Flair Disposable Vapes – Flavors and Features

Flair Disposable Vapes – Flavors and Features

Have you tried the Flair Disposable vaporizer?

If you haven’t, you are sure missing something. Never has there been a pack of disposable vaporizers with this much outstanding options. There is so much to the flair disposable vaporizers. The physical features and build quality are only a few perks on an already awesome device. We would be sharing with you some of the intriguing features of the Flair Disposable vaporizer and why you should make it your choice device today.

If you’ve got some time, we suggest you read to the end.

A Blissful Range of Colors

Live Free!

The Flair disposable vaporizer is an embodiment of freedom.

Freedom to live on your terms, freedom to choose the mood for every occasion. With 15 exciting new flavors and a blissful range of colors to choose from, you would find that there is a flair for everyone. Bask in the euphoria of the Banana Ice or settle into the cool of the Pina Colada, whichever way you go, the Flair vape would not disappoint.

There is so much I enjoy having switched to the Flair Disposable vape. From the enhanced physical ergonomic design and feel to the exciting variations of flavors and moods, this range of vapes hits the right cord every time. The drag activated devices offers an astounding 800 puffs on every disposable vape, a feat yet unmatched.

Some unique features of the Flair Disposable Vaporizer are:

Excitingly Different: Most vapes and particularly disposable vapes seem alike. Yeah! I get they have different names, but look closely, they all function the same. But not the Flair.

The Flair was designed to be nothing like what you have ever experienced. The developers took your regular disposable vape and made one that corrects all of the bad takes you must have experienced with the regulars. Is it the vapor quality, or physical design, you would find the Flair is overwhelmingly superior on all counts. The physical look of the Flair disposable vape is excitingly classy and the vapor quality is deeply satisfying.

Stronger Vapor: Because the Flair disposable vape mirrors the superior functionality of the Flair vape pod, you can be rest assured of a superior vapor strength, depth and feel. The rich clouds of the Flair disposable vape are as satisfying as you would get from vape pods than you would from disposables.

The Flair disposable vape is in a class of its own. The vaporizer’s heating system is proprietary technology that has been engineered to offer a cleaner smoke that is beneficial to you and the environment.

A Collage of Choices: You like Blue? Or is the feisty Red your favorite? Go ahead, we’ve got you. You’ve got the freedom to pick and choose from an array of 15 exciting flavors marked by colors.

With the Flair Disposable Vapes, you’ve got a collage of choices.

There’s a Flair vape for every mood. Let’s meet them!

Banana Ice

Creative, energetic and euphoric are some of the words that have had a constant feature when the Banana Ice is mentioned. The flavor offers users a rich and satisfying cloud of misty smoke with an iconic banana flavor. Marked by bright yellow, this flavor reignites your mood for work, play or just when you need the Jedi that loves within you.

Blue Razz

Calm, insightful, creative! The blue razz would make the most difficult days seem like a breeze.  The rich flavor is calming, making it the most sought after for people only recently making shifts from regular cigarettes to vapes.

Brain Squeeze

If there is any reason to fall in love with Flair disposable vapes, the Brain Squeeze is a good enough reason. The Squeeze like the Blue Razz sets your creative juices on fire. A perfect daytime squeeze, a few puffs in between stress shifts is enough to help you through the day and push you into a restful state at night time.

Cool Mint

This one hits different. The rich minty flavor is peculiar in that it is not intrusive. The flavor takes calm, soothing resemblance, subtly gyrating yet appealingly calm on the nerves.

Hawaiian Breeze Ice

Wild and wet, this flavor brings excitement to a rather dull day. With every puff, you are transposed to the same feeling of freedom that the islands for which it is named is renowned.

Ice Watermelon

The flavor is calming and refreshing. It offers immersive feelings of bliss that creates immunity from stress and the daily hustles of life. The Ice watermelon is richly satisfying and is a perfect fix for both newbies and experienced vapers.

Lush Ice

Like the Watermelon, the Lush Ice is refreshingly cool and a perfect stress reliever for those who work long hours and in stressful conditions. A perfect fit for all classes of vapers, you would find the Lush Ice agreeable to both newbies and experienced smokers.

Mango Peach Pineapple

Exciting as it is fruity. The flavor reaches deep into the soft side of life to offer a cool, satisfying mix of some of the world’s most enjoyable fruity flavors. The 3 in 1 flavor pack is super packed and a sure value for your buck.


Classic menthol. If any of the new feel good flavors do not appeal to your taste buds, you can easily count on the Classic Menthol to get you through. Unchanged, it offers the same satisfying relish it is known for.

Thunder Grape

Double packed power with rich grape flavor for a longer lasting effect. Need something to go on a long road trip? The Thunder Grape might just be the perfect fit.

Pina Colada

Let the evening breeze brush against your face while the Pina Colada flavor keep you company at the end of your day. The flavor offers a settling calm and cool that is characteristic of its named fruit.

Strawberry Cream

Make the most of this fulfilling flavor. The Strawberry Cream offers a rich taste and yummy satisfaction. One of my personal favorites, the Strawberry Cream makes for a great daytime companion.

Strawberry Banana

Relish the rich taste and flavor of the strawberry and banana mix. The flavor offers the same fulfilling satisfaction of the strawberry but this time, you get to experience the creative upsurge of the banana flavor.

Peach Ice

Simple yet elegant. Marked by pale peach, the flavor offers reassuring satisfaction and a laid back feel. Bask in the quietness of the flavor and allow your senses take in the richness therein.

Pink Lemonade

Zesty lemon with a tacky taste. A fire cracker and a sure party starter. This day time flavor is exciting, rich and satisfying. Try it, and I am certain you’d be pleased.

Why Buy Flair?

Flair offers you an unrivaled opportunity to be you, to be free! Our prices are perfect for their value and you can count on the product quality to deliver on promise. If that doesn’t turn you, then you can switch to enjoy unlimited bonuses, discounts and offers.

Either way, you are never short when you choose Flair Vapor.