Different Types of Vapes

Different Types of Vapes

Vaping devices have evolved incredibly since the launch of e-cigarettes in 2003. But this can be a cause of concern for beginner vapers who might feel confused about the different types of vape devices and e-liquid flavors. In such a backdrop, we have prepared our today’s guide to propel you a step closer to choosing the right vape.

Types of vaping styles

  • Mouth-to-Lung vaping style involves inhaling the smoke through your mouth and holding it in for a few seconds before breathing it into your lungs. This technique of vaping allows people to absorb the flavor with each puff before exhaling. Some of the best devices for MTL vaping are vape pens and Cig-a-likes which are easy to set up and can be used immediately after purchasing. Both vape pens and mods come with a refillable tank which can be replenished once the devices run out of e-liquids.  
  • Direct-to-Lung vaping style is best suited for seasonal vapers allowing people to inhale large amounts of smoke into their lungs directly with each hit. It takes some time to get acclimatized with a DTL device as it feels harsher than the MTL device. You can customize the DTL devices according to your needs depending on the e-liquid or vape juice you use. Box mods and pod mods are the preferred picks of experienced vapers who wish to undertake direct-to-lung vaping.

Types of vapes

Vapes differ from each other depending on their purpose. While some are meant for general use, others are better suited for being used over the long term. Read on to know more about the types of vapes in detail:

  • Vape pens – The vape pens generally cost between $15 and $100 but the rate is determined by their size, design, heating element, battery strength, and components. This portable electronic device features an elongated body that stores e-liquid for producing a vapor that you can inhale. Since vape pens have smaller dimensions than a pod mod or a vape mod, it’s easier to carry them around.

These vaping accessories attained popularity in the mid-2000s when vapers discovered the application of different atomizers, their powerful battery capacity, and a microchip in the battery. When it comes to delivering a wonderful vaping experience, these pen-shape devices deliver unmatched flexibility.

  • Cig-a-likes – These electronic cigarettes resemble normal cigarettes and can help traditional tobacco smokers walk towards a healthier life. The high nicotine content in cig-a-likes mimics effects similar to smoking. You can buy this simplest variant of vape everywhere ranging from local stores to gas stations. Coupled with moderate usage, these vape devices can last for a couple of days.

The small amount of e-liquid in the cig-a-likes renders a mild flavor that can heighten your vaping experience. As the e-liquid gets heated, it releases a vapor for being inhaled through the mouth into the lungs. With every puff, the end of the battery lights up resembling a burning cigarette. You can plug the cig-a-like into a charging socket whenever the device runs out of juice. Unlike pod systems and vape pens, you don’t need a button to activate the cig-a-likes making them perfect for novice vapers on a limited budget.

  • Pod Mods – These low-wattage devices are like an improved version of cig-a-like. They are best suited for advanced vapers and can deliver a better vaping experience. It has several parts like a battery, an atomizer coil, a USB charging port, a mouthpiece, and a tank. All these interchangeable parts ensure improved airflow control of the pod alongside efficient vapor production.

It isn’t uncommon for regular vapers to occasionally break the pod which is why the readily available parts help in fixing them rather than disposing of a pod mod. You can set the temperature for heating the cannabis-derived oils just like the dry herb vaporizers. There are two types of pod systems:

  • Closed pod- Closed pod systems are disposable devices where the pods remain pre-filled with e-liquid. Once the pods are finished, you will have to replace them
    • Open pod systems have to be filled manually by purchasing a nicotine salt e-liquid bottle of your preferred choice. Following an average refill of 4-5 times, the cartridges will have to be replaced.
  • Vape Mods – Customize your vaping experience with a vape mod that allows exercising complete control over different settings like its temperature and wattage. A vape mod comes with multiple interchangeable parts and can be used with two to three batteries to create large clouds. These are two types:
    • Regulated vape mods featuring a circuit board inside them which offers the perfect blend of safety and various customizations in terms of wattage, voltage, and temperature control. The regulated vape mods can be further segregated into two types:
      • Tube mods which are vape pens having sub-ohm tanks. It is equipped with the latest vaping technology and has evolved into the preferred device for beginners.Experienced vapers can find their pick in a box mod featuring a large tank for your vape juices. Though they are more expensive than a tube mod, they offer a solid grip unlike vape pens and tube mods.
  • Unregulated vape mods lack the built-in features that can be found in their regulated peers. Thus, there isn’t any electrical circuitry to keep the users buffered from device malfunctions. It comes with an atomizer, a battery, and a case to hold it all in without any safety features in place. It is advisable to have advanced knowledge of electrical systems and Ohm’s law before handling these devices.
  • Mechanical Mods – This simple device comes with brilliant battery power that is housed either in a box or metallic tube. Vape enthusiasts who build their atomizers usually use mechanical mods to benefit from an ideal vaping experience. These self-constructed atomizers are also called Rebuildable Drip Atomizers (RDA) and here the e-liquid is dripped atop the custom-built coils. Cloud chasers and vape tricksters often build mechanical mods to produce enormous clouds.
  • MTL Tanks – If you are looking for a cigarette-like experience, then the Mouth to Lungs (MTL) Tanks can serve as your perfect choice. They contain high-strength e-juice carrying a concentrated flavor. The tank’s coil remains connected to a battery so that you can heat the juice and produce vapors and clouds.
  • Conclusion

    According to the latest vaping stats, global sales of vape devices are expected to cross the $40 billion threshold by 2023. Vape devices have made it easy for beginners to enter the vaping arena. The plethora of options available in the market has helped vapers choose a device that’s well-suited for them. If you are buying your first vape device, then our today’s discussion can broaden your knowledge of the different types of vapes out there so that you can take an informed call.