Can you Bring Flair Disposable on a Plane

Can you Bring Flair Disposable on a Plane

Are you a vape user preparing for a trip?

I guess one of your biggest questions is: can I bring a vape on a plane?

The straightforward answer is yes.

But before you pack your luggage for your next trip, there’s more to know about traveling with vape and its accessories.

If you plan to move with your Flair Disposable vaporizer on a place, read on to find out the safest way around it.

But before the details, let’s discuss the Flair disposable vaporizer a bit…

What is Flair Disposable Vaporizer?

Flair Disposable Vape is a product of Flair Vapor, a leading china-based e-cig and vapor brand well-known for their top-quality vape devices and accessories.

Popularly called puff bars, the new Flair Disposable vape comes with exciting features well-crafted to optimize vapers’ experience

Flair disposable pens require no maintenance, recharging, or refill. It’s built for one-time single usage. These attributes, among other selling points, make the Flair disposable pens a favorite for on-the-go users.

The flair disposable vape device comes with a 3.5 ml e-juice capacity and a 550 mAh battery.  The device promises up to 800 puffs which can sustain you for many sessions, perhaps days, before you dispose of them.

Now you know well-enough about what a Flair Disposable Vaporizer looks like, back to the question: 

Can I bring a Flair Disposable vape on a plane?


U.S state laws and most airline regulations are lenient about traveling with your vape devices and accessories.  

But you should be sure that your destination allows vaping. Note that vape products are illegal in some countries, whether for sales or usage.

Vape can go in carry-on bags, but not allowed in checked bags

Although the FAA allows bringing a vape on your trip, batteries are not allowed in the cargo since they pose the risk of fire.

So, while it’s fine to have your Flair disposable vape in carry-on bags or in your pocket, it’s prohibited in checked luggage. This applies to all vaping devices with a lithium battery.

While this regulation particularly applies to the US, as spelled out by the Transportation Security Administration Regulations, it’s similar across many world destinations. 

But remember, there may be slight variations across the airlines, even within the United States. Hence, we advise that you confirm the rules before you pack up your luggage.

Also, note that while your departure country may not have any notable restrictions, vapes are out rightly banned in some countries.

Packing Vape Devices, E-Juice, and Batteries

For the risk of fire outbreak in the cargo hold, electronic devices with batteries are prohibited in check-in baggage. This is a norm across the globe.

If the baggage handler detects any of such prohibited devices in your luggage, you’ll risk losing the item(s), or your luggage may either be left behind or roughed up with all its content.

Here are other helpful tips when packing your vaporizer and its components for your air trip:

·        Disposable vaporizers and e-liquids are allowed in carry-on bags, but must adhere to the standard 3.4oz liquid regulation

·        The rule says you can go with not more than 100ml in your carry-on bags. Anything more than this amount will be confiscated. The container which holds the liquid shouldn’t exceed 100ml too.

·        You should pack your vape device in your carryon bag – preferably with your other gadgets and electronics. It helps for a faster check.

·        Some security personnel can get on your nerves. No matter how strict and difficult they seem, try to play cool.

·        Note that the rules vary across airlines and legal jurisdictions. Some airlines/states may have stricter regulations on packing e-cigs and related devices.

·        Also, if you’re traveling with a detachable vape device, it’s ideal to disassemble the unit before approaching the security. This way, the checkers can easily do their inspections saving everyone’s time.

Can I vape on the plane?


As mentioned, the TSA allows you to board a plane with your disposable vaporizer.

You may also be allowed to vape at the terminals before you move into the plane.  But that’s how far you can go with your puffs.

Vaping during flight is prohibited out rightly and will get you in trouble if caught.

Besides, respecting this rule does not only keep away embarrassment, it shows your respect for other passengers.

While some airlines have their tailored vaping policies, others adopt their host-state regulations.

Wrap Up – Can You Bring A Flair Disposable Vape On A Plane?

Yes, you can.

However, it should be kept in your pocket or carry-on bag, not in your check-in luggage.

That said, vaping on the plane is plainly prohibited. Besides the discomfort it causes other passengers on board, you might trigger some false alert and get arrested for breaching the airline’s or country’s vaping rules.

For international trips, ensure you know what the destination country’s rules say about vaping, vaporizers and related accessories. While the US laws may be somewhat lenient on vape products, many aren’t as vape-friendly.

For more about vaping, vaporizers and safety ways around an enjoyable vaping experience, check out our information bank or visit our store for affordable top-quality vape devices and accessories.