WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flair Salt Nicotine Liquid (Pineapple Mint)


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FLAIR X SALT NICOTINE LIQUID Pineapple Mint can be used in pods and other atomizer devices.


  • Familiar Pineapple Mint flavor
  • 5.5% Strength
  • 30 ml Special Blend Liquid
  • Major Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Flavors, Nicotine Salt

  • 30 ml Special Blend Liquid
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4.6 28 Reviews
  • Chris Leyda

    Not sure what to say. But nice taste.

  • cory_hayes831

    I wish this lasts longer. But every things went down some time.

  • Mike Cintron

    The flavour delivery in mouth is very special. It makes thick and refreshing cloud. It cools down my taste buds with clean sweet flavour. No aftertaste.

  • rachel_hopper511

    Before that I need to mix pineapple e juice with mint flavor, but I found right combination now. No need to thing, just order if you like pineapple.

  • Rocco Noon

    Excellent Vaplng Experience with this liquid

  • Austin

    Pineapple with mint? Good combination and 30ml liquid is good. Hope it will work for longer time.

  • Kesha Frolic

    Love this salt nic juice. My previous favourite was cotton candy, but I like this new one.

  • laura.202.henderson

    As soon as I started with flair, I order almost all stuff of vaping from this website. Affordable price, quick shipping and service, prompt customer helpline and high quality products. What else you require?

  • shane_keegan483

    Wonderful shopping experience with you.

  • Victor Torres

    Perfect juice to fill in cartomizers or pods. No need to mix with others. It is perfect it self. Fruity flavours are always satisfactory from flair.

  • Beuckman

    Smooth and delicious.

  • erik_smith797

    Very surprising. Nice taste.

  • Heather Kilburg

    Best quality e juice as per my 4 year experience. Very affordable and quick shipping. I never run empty with vaping. Some times you got discount coupon and offers also.

  • Rosa Tinley

    I have made several order with flair, this time it was not good. May be I should have selected another flavour. Overall it was ok.

  • yadhira_remmy572

    Flair never disappointed me.

  • Savery

    This seems little bit harsh on my throat. But the flavour profile is good enough to continue. It is more refreshing while exhale. Hope it comes in bigger bottle.

  • Arias

    Definitely repeating order. Better than pineapple alone. Cooling effect with sweet pineapple is amazing. Got delivered very fast with free shipping. I don’t consider price when buying high quality product , but this one is cheap and nice.

  • Samantha Lane

    Good consistency liquid with amazing throat hit.

  • Tatem Perez

    Blast in mouth with refreshing feeling. Must buy for pro smokers, who will require lots of e juice.

  • John Gillman

    Can’t wait to taste new flavour.

  • Nell

    I was searching for this kind of pineapple since many time. This one is perfect who loves pineapple

  • Jessica Moon

    Good vape. Nice clould with strong flavour and tobacco taste

  • Nikita Fioretti

    Classic flavour. Not even hard on my pocket.

  • Diaz

    Authentic flavour profile. This went straight to head and keeps you alert for hours.

  • jim_hoover620

    Flair salt nic juice is one of the best brand till now. I have tried many other brands but this only give true satisfaction.

  • Akram Dimaandal

    I feel little soapy aftertaste with this liquid. Overall good. No complaint.

  • Yadhira Quiroz

    My juice arrived today. Very excited to use. Will let you know soon.

  • frank_winiarski667

    This is best example of formulation. All things are in perfect harmony. Nothing hard, just smooth and satisfying flavour.