What Is Vapor? Beginners Guide to Vapor Smoking & Vape Pen

Are e-cigs your first attempts with nicotine? Or are youconsidering a transition from tobacco to the healthier vape side?

Either way, navigating through the vape world can be a whole intimidating experience.

For whatever reason you may consider vaping, this guide offers an easy guide to exploring the vaporizer world.

From choosing your first’mod’to cleaning your vaporizer, this article takes an in-depth look at vapor smoking and vape pens.

Before we delve in, first things first:

What is vaping?

Although it’s most likelythat you know what vaping means, justin case you don’t.

Insimple terms,vaping is a new way to smoke.

Vapers inhale the vapor from e-liquid or e juice. The vapor is created after the vaporizer device heats the e-liquid.

These devices are available in different sizes and styles, including mods and e-cigs.

The vapes aredesigned with a heating element, battery, wicking material, a tank for the concentrate, and the heating element.

When you power your vaporizer, the wicking device absorbs the liquid and produces vapor.

Vaping forms

E-cigs are in different categories. Let’s quickly discuss the four most common options:

  • Pen Mods
  • Disposables
  • box-style mods
  • mechanicals

Pen mods

The pen styled mods are arguably the pathway to complete bespoke vaping.

These mods are larger than the cigarette-shaped e-cigs. They come with pick-and-mix parts that can be set as desired, allowing you to alter the heating oil, tip, or tank, for a more customized experience.

These pen styled options produce thicker vapor and generally more potent than the disposable vapes.

While some are compatible with USB charging, some other models favor disposable batteries.

On the downside, vape pens are relatively more expensive than the disposable options and demand regular maintenance to stay in shape.

Box Style

As with vape pens, the box-style mod allows you to design your vaping experience as they come with different coils, interchangeable tanks, and related hardware.

However, the box-style vapes are typically more significant than the pen style. They feature a powerful battery and massive space for wirings and circuitry that handles the built-in display monitor for wattage, temperature, and other performance analysis.

The box mods are the most powerful e-cig format and give you the freedom to choose between different settings depending on your preferred coil and tanks.

Even, newer versions of box mods come with a setting that allows automatedtemperaturecontrol, which modulates power without any manual input.

The box style vaporizers are,however, the most expensive. Besides, they require maintenance and regular parts replacement.

Also, its advanced feature requires time to master.


These are the easiest to operate – and the cheapest. Check our latest disposable vape all-in-one unit that may be disposed of when the battery dies.

They also come in replaceable units that allow you to recharge the battery and replace heating elements, juice, and wick cartridge.

However, these options are the least powerful, and their batteries are not durable, but they are just simple use and throw. No need to know technical details and compatibility.

Mechanical mods

Mechanical mods are limited in circuitry, except the wires that heat the coil.

When powered, the coils draw power from the battery without any regulation. These options are better fits for experienced vapers, and not recommended for newbies.

Although they feature nonotable technology, their simplicity and power make them a common preference among regular vapers.

Again, the components may be easily damaged if wrongly used.

Away from the different vape device options, let’s examine the components of your vaping device:

Replaceable components

Experienced vapers often recommend that starters begin their vapingjourney with disposal e-cigs.

When it’s time to up your game, you can now get your first mod.

Besides the mod (the power unit), you will need some other components – including an atomizer thatvaporizes your liquid and the tank that holds the liquid.

Here are standardreplaceable components that widely dictate yoursmoking experience:


Your coils come in packs since they need regular replacement. There are a lot of options available in the market, including nickel, stainless steel, and titanium,based on the material they are made from.

Each metal comes with itsdifferent wattage and temperature capacity. These specs again vary across manufacturers or the e-juice used.

Before you power your vaporizer, you should check for your coils specifications. Otherwise, you may burn your coil cotton and ruin it before you even begin your vaping session.

Sub-ohm tanks

These options offer a simple all-in-one alternative for mod vaping.

They can contain a large volume of e-liquid and directly screwed in your atomizer unit using a replaceable coil

 Using the tank and atomizer can be a breeze—a remarkably easy way to change the coil andreload your tank.

Sub-ohm defines the current resistance level of the coil. Sub-ohms are notable for producing high vapor and intense flavor, making them a good recommendation for disposable users looking to step up.


Several box-shaped mods allow you to use batteries with different capacity and power ratings. You can find widespread rechargeable options at your specialty vape store.

Among several others, 18650 is the most popular battery for vaporizers. Units from top products like Samsung and Sony produce tip-top capacity options ideal for vaping severe sessions.

However, your mods usually come with, at least, a battery. So when scouting for spares, ensure it matches with the out-of-box unit.

Rebuild-able atomizers (RBAs)

Rebuildable atomizers(RBAs) are ideal for DIY vapers. They allow you to remove the coil and replace it instead of dismantling the entire heating element at the end of its lifespan.

Rebuild-able Dripping Atomizers (RDAs)

RDAs are a favorite in the vaping world. They depend on the vapers to drip e-liquid directly on the wick, relegating the need for a liquid tank. You can easily access the coil and wick from the mouthpiece, leaving a small point between the vapor production and inhalation points.

RDAs also allow for customization by allowing usersto replace cotton wick and coil to their taste.

Users may have a hard time building the atomizes, which makes the RDAs a pass for casual vapers.

However, they are well-ranked for their impressive vapor production.

Vape Bands

While this accessory adds style to your smoking, they are entirely ignorable. These bands are branded hoops that run into the tank or battery compartment for an extra visual appeal.

While they are primarily for visuals, some users use them to protect their breakable e-juice tanks from damage.

Now, let’s assumed you’ve selected an e-cigarette and a mod; it’s time to personalize your flavor by selecting a preferred e-liquid carefully.

Selecting the right E-liquid

With the increasing lots of concoction and mixes on the market, it’s only natural to get stuck in-between the options.

No worries, though: here’s a guide to help you make a well-informed decision.

But before you choose, let’s understand what these liquids contain. E-liquids contain four main ingredients, including:

  • Nicotine
  • Flavoring
  • Vegetable glycerin(VG) – (found in severalpharmaceutical and food products
  • Propylene Glycol (PG) – (found in consumable, from pharmaceuticals to fizzy drinks)

Worthy of mention, PG and VG determine the required temperature to vaporize your liquid, as well as the right coils and tanks to vape it.

The ratio of PG to VG also dictates the smoothness of the vapor.

The higher the VG, the higher the vapor and smoothness. On the other hand, the stronger the PG, the better flavor.

So, if you’re just starting out, you may want to play around different ratios and see what works best for your vaping buds.

Selecting a Nicotine level

The nicotine content of an e-liquid dependsonindividual tastes.

Ifyou’reswapping out tobacco for vapes, you may want to factor in your previous smoking taste.

Standard nicotine options are from levels zero to 18mg/ml. There are, however,great options from specific retailers.

Here’s a helpful guide to selecting an option:

  • 0mg/ml – here’s your go-to if you’ve never smoked. With 0mg, you can experiment with a range of flavors.
  • 3mg/ml – this is ideal for light tobacco smokers looking to test the vaping waters. This is about the lowest nicotine level you’d get.
  • 6mg/ml – here’s a regular start point for average smokers wanting to jump ship to vaping. It’s easier for vapers at the level to switch between the nicotine spectrum.
  • 12mh/ml – this is a level for heavy tobacco smokers. At this state, the sensation is typically rough, a no-no for first-timers.
  • 18mg/ml – These are for the top smokers who light packs of cigarettesdaily.

Note that the more nicotine in your e-liquid, the harsher your vaping experience. So, choose accordingly.

Cleaning your Vape

To sustain your flavor smoothness and keep the notes intact, clean your coils and tank regularly. This is more needed if you often switch between flavors.

To clean, dismantle the coil and tank and run hot water over the tank.

When done, ensure the components dry out completely. A hairdryer or fan will do the job. Avoid air-drying, as it causes stains.


Whenever you acquire a new coil, priming with some drops of e-juice before yourfirst use will help.

Before you load the tank, drip some liquid to the wicking cotton and allow it to be absorbed before replacing it.

Don’t light up immediately. Give your vape some minutes before you activate it. Otherwise, you may burn the cotton and damage the coil.

Last Notes

If you desire more after your first experience, keep trying. Again. And again.

Experiment different temperatures, flavors, e-liquids, VG/PG ratios, and devices to see what works best for you.

Each of these options offers a different experience for fun and relaxation.

Regardless of the option you opt for, there are countless alternatives to help create a customized vaping experience.

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