The Healing Power Of Vaping

There is a lot of buzz in the market over health benefits of vaping

People have all sorts of arguments and views for vaping vs smoking. Some critics are even cynic about vaping and claim it to be more harmful than smoking cigarettes. However, due to lack of scientific data, a clear outcome is not quite possible. Well, the general perception is that vaping is better than smoking. While e-cigarettes do offer a nicotine solution to the addicted ones, it has various other health benefits, which surely does not require scientific backing.

We all know that smoking causes lung and mouth cancer. It can also lead to several other health problems such as heart attack, stroke, and breathing problems. First, when we smoke cigarettes, we burn tobacco, paper, and loads of other chemicals mixed with the substance to give it the lasting taste. Inhaling smoke is always bad for your health and it clogs your lungs. In addition, cigarettes contain an active ingredient i.e. Tar, which is a sticky agent used while constructing roads. The adhesive nature of tar makes it a useful ingredient to bind the particles together strongly. Of course, no one would want to smoke that stuff, but the fact is, we do.

Tar is an active ingredient in all cigarettes, which is one of the main drawbacks of smoking cigarettes. It attaches to the lungs and keeps clogging it, covering the millions on pores that filter oxygen for our body supply. If you have used an air conditioner, then you will understand what a clogged filter can do. It limits the intake of air that would ultimately result in multiple problems. Similar is the case with our body. We need oxygen to perform various bodily functions and poor oxygen intake would limit our stamina and our ability to be sporty.

When we smoke cigarettes, the tar components start covering the pores and restrict our oxygen intake, which keeps on building every time we have another smoke. For chronic smokers, the lungs would be in poor shape and the person would face multiple breathing disorders, including shortness of breath. However, that is not the case with vaping. E-cigarettes or vapes use liquid agents that are primarily made from glycerin. The liquid is vaporized using heating mechanism and does not burn, whereby creating a misty effect to deliver nicotine to the user. Mist or vapor does not remain in your lungs; neither does it clog the pores, which makes it a completely safe product to use.

Since e-liquid does not contain tar, it eliminates all possibilities that can lead to breathing problems. On the contrary, if you quit smoking and start vaping instead, your lungs will start healing over time and will restore to their original capacity in approximately five years. Therefore, to all the people who are facing dilemmas whether vaping is injurious to health in comparison to smoking, it is a healthier alternative that would ultimately bring more good than harm.

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