Switching Tobacco to Vaping? Know Vape Starter Kit

As the debates whether or not e-cigs help tobacco smokers quit heightens, little evidence suggests vaping may at least lure them from tobacco.

A study reports that people maybe twice more successful in quitting tobacco if they used an e-cig than just gum and other nicotine products.

Honestly, dumping tobacco for vapes comes with a range of challenges – which can be overcome, though.

Remember, it’s a whole new community you’d be entering– with unfamiliar ingredients and equipment. But the best part is that you’d have moved to a less harmful habit.

Perhaps you’re lost as to what vaping actually means – even though you’ve encountered the word repeatedly. Let’s quickly discuss vaping:

What is Vaping?

Vaping refers to the use of e-cigarettes to consume nicotine. This method is touted relatively safer than conventional cigarettes.

E cigars are powered with a battery and feature a coil that heats vape juice or e-juice. When heated, the liquid produces a vapor, which is inhaled for the desired effects.

Vaping does not produce smoke, but a vapor – hence, reducespossible harm to the lungs.

Sources say vaporis as much as 95 percent less harmful than tobacco smoke. Little wonder the fast-growing e-cig community.

Helpful Tips for a Successful Transition from Tobacco to Vaping

Select a Vape Juice Flavor

There is a widerange of e-liquid flavors options you can select from – fruity, tobacco, desserts, menthols, and everything between – for a more personalized experience.

Choose Your Preferred Potency

Your preferred nicotine concentration in your vape juice should be determined by the number of cigarettes you smoke.

Roughly, a smoker who takes 5 to 10 sticks of traditional cigarettes daily may need about 5mg nicotine vape juice when transiting. One who consumes 10 to 15 bars of cigarettes daily may need about 12 mg e-juice.

For 20-plus sticks daily, about 18mg vape-juice should suffice.

Pick Your Kit

Although the vape market is saturated with a lot of e-cigarette options, you may need to begin with a ‘classic’ kit. These kits are most recommended for starters as it comes with practically all the basics you’d need to kick start your vaping game – without a need for some add on.

Besides, these equipments are well built so that starters may operate smoothly without any prior knowledge.

With the classic kits, you can get a vape pen and a atomizer tank that holds the juice before vaporizing. These kits draw just as your tobacco does, which you should already be familiar with – except that it comes with an added flavor.

  • Sub-Ohm Kits

These vaping kits consume more wattage and offer a reduced throat hit. They produce massive clouds with rich flavor.

  • Pod Kits

Here are either closed design with disposable cartridges with rich flavoror a refillable pod design which allows you to customize your liquid to suit your preferred strength and taste.

Choose Your E-liquid

E-liquids come in different formulas, each most suited for specific vaping devices.

  • Classic E-liquid

These e-liquids come with high PG content and low VG. PG is responsible for the throat hit as felt with traditional sticks. This similarity makes e-liquids a thoughtful option for tobacco users who wish to quit.

  • Nic Salt

Popularly called nic salts, Nicotine Salt vape juices are formulated to mimic the nicotine effect in tobacco. With this option, nicotine gets into the body faster than with your standard e-liquid. Vapers will get an almost immediate satisfying effect, which is widely desired among experienced tobacco users.

  • Sub-Ohm Juice

While shopping for e-juice, you may find inscriptions like ‘mag VG’ on the labels. This tag connotes a higher VG concentration than PG. Due to VG’s thickening effect, the juices are best for devices with high wattage and thickclouds.

  • 50/50 e-juice

These options, as the name insists, contain equal portions of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. They are widely compatible with most vaping machines.

Tips for A Successful Transition

If you wish to quit tobacco for vapes, here are helpful recommendations:

  • Plan

To break your cigarette habit for life is literally a journey for which you need to be prepared.

Begin by choosing the date you wish to start. Before the kick-off date, go stuck up your home with some trusted quit-tobacco aids like vape juice and coils.

Apps like Cessation Nation and Live Strong will also help build and sustain your motivation. You may also want to register for support programs with motivational classes and follow up resources to keep you committed to your quit mission.

  • Think Future

One great motivator for successful quitters is to hold-in-view the future gains– both health-wise and otherwise.

  • Set Realistic Goals

Ignore ‘easy ways to quitting smoking’ tips. They are insincere. Honestly, there are actually no easy way routes throughthe quit smoking journey.

Even with all the well-known consequences and seemingly progressive attempts to quit, something tells you to keep smoking up your lungs.

So, always remind yourself why you should cease smoking. And be truthful to yourself.

  • Throw In Some Exercises

Findings show that during workouts, the body releases endorphins, chemicals that help curb cravings. So, hitting the gym may help curb the cravings and, at the same time, improve your health.

  • Take note of the triggers

Do you have the urge to smoke after a particularactivity or situation?

Like, do you crave a smoke with a drink? After meals? Or after a stressful activity?

Identifying these possible triggers will help you know how to introduce vapes as a replacement efficiently.

  • Record milestones

If you make it through another day with cigarettes, congratulate yourself. As the days turn into weeks and months, do not fail to celebrate the milestones and be proud of your ‘achievements.’

Wrap up – Switch now!

There you have it. These tips should help you switch from tobacco smoking to a safer vaping.

Although there are too-insignificant data to say the long term effects of vaping – if any –, research reports, so far, think inhaling vapor is a lot safer than smoking. So, while the best advice is QUIT, switching to vapes meanwhile looks good.

So, now, why the wait? Switch, soon enough!

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