Sales To Minors: Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes also referred to as electronic nicotine delivery systems, are battery-operated devices with an aerosol, which generally contains nicotine and certain flavorings, which is supposed to be inhaled in order to convert from liquid to vapor

They can deliver a potent dose of nicotine, akin to a traditional cigarette, minus the carcinogen-packed smoke or burning of tobacco– making them a safer alternative to regular cigarettes.

They are ideal for existing adult smokers as they deliver nicotine satisfaction similar to traditional cigarettes. Flair Vapor offers vaping and electronic cigarette products which provide nicotine in a more efficient and improved way. A lot of people fear that increasing the level of nicotine akin to a regular cigarette may result in a bad throat hit. However, some of our products make use of salt-based nicotine for e-liquids, as opposed to liquidized nicotine, for a smoother throat hit while offering a potent dose of nicotine. This means you can take in the same level of nicotine as a regular cigarette through vaping without the fear of an impending crash or an unpleasant irritating throat and heavy smokers can effortlessly switch to electronic cigarettes as they are able to fulfill the same dose of nicotine as normal cigarettes.

However, these days electronic cigarettes have become widely popular among the youth and are the most commonly used tobacco product among teens in the U.S. Their easy accessibility, appealing advertisements and a wide range of e-liquid flavors have made them particularly attractive to this demographic. In fact, a recent crackdown by FDA resulted in them sending a letter to about 40 retailers as they tried to purchase e-cigarettes from outlets throughout the country that included convenience stores, smoke shops, 7-Elevens and gas stations that sold certain electronic cigarettes to individuals under the age of 18.

A lot of early evidence confirms that the use of electronic cigarettes may act as an introductory tobacco product for minors in their preteens and teens, who may then transfer to other products which contain tobacco, for instance, regular cigarettes, which can lead to various diseases and even early death.

A study showed that minors who started smoking electronic cigarettes by the time they began 9th grade were more probable, as compared to others, to begin smoking cigarettes and use other tobacco products by the next year. These findings are supported by another study which shows that high school students who smoked an electronic cigarette in the preceding month were around seven times more probable to reporting they have started smoking cigarettes when inquired about after six months, than students who said they do not use electronic cigarettes. Similar to the previous study, it is clear from the results that teens and preteens using electronic cigarettes are more prone to start a habit of smoking regular cigarettes in the near future.

However, this research is not sufficient to prove and recognize whether experimenting with electronic cigarettes can undeniably lead to the regular use of tobacco products.

Under the regulations of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) intended to protect the well-being of minors, individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to purchase electronic cigarettes from stores or online websites anymore. Everything from the manufacture and packaging to the advertisement and labelling of electronic cigarettes is regulated by the FDA. This includes everything from the parts and components of electronic cigarettes except the accessories.

Regulating Electronic Cigarettes

Under federal law, selling smokeless tobacco and cigarettes to minors has been illegal for years. In 2016, a rule was finalized by the FDA which prohibited retailers from selling hookah tobacco, cigars or e-cigarettes to minors. The organizations and individuals responsible for these restrictions claimed that their primary concern is the health of minors, and e-cigarettes can be a potential gateway for the youth to indulge in tobacco products. While they do not claim e-cigarettes are harmful, they stress advance testing is required to accurately determine the impact of electronic cigarettes on health. For the time being, Flair Vapor ensures that their products are marketed and retailed exclusively to individuals above the age of 18. While Flair Vapor definitely encourages existing smokers to give their products a try as an effective alternative, we do not have any intentions of retailing our vapes and e-cigarettes to minors, non-smokers or people who have quit successfully. Similar to most leading e-cigarette companies, Flair Vapor regulates its marketing and endorses all measures taken to restrict the sale of e-cigarettes to individuals under the age of 18. Our endless commitment to ethical integrity ensures we are able to help in the prevention of minors purchasing and using Flair Vapor products.

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