Can I Smoke E-Cig on A Plane?

Are you planning a big trip soon?
Not sure what the regulations say about bringing your vape on board? Read on to find out:
Can You Bring A Vape On A Plane?
The short answer is YES. But here are two basic rules to adhere to:
• One, vaping and charging a vaporizer on-air is dangerous and hence not allowed on planes
• Next, you have to be sure of the airline’s rules to ensure you do not flaunt their policies.
This article explains some safety regulations across airlines and how you may bring on a vape without any concerns.
Besides,ensure to confirm if e-cigs are allowed at your destination, as these products are still illegal across some jurisdictions.
Now, Let’s See Some of the Rules:

Carry-On Bags Are Allowed. No Checked Bags
If you’re taking your vape, ensure it stays in your carry-on bags and not your check-in luggage. When checking carry-on bags at the plane side or gate, all vaping and e-cig devices and spare lithium batteries are take out. These items should be carried along with you in the cabin.
The TSA says passengers may come on a plan with vaping and e-cig devices such as atomizers, batteries, but in carry-on bags. For safety, these items are prohibited in checked-in bags.
What’sThe Maximum Quantity of Vape Juice I Can Carry on Plane?
You can take as much as 100ml bottle of e-juices in your carry-on bags. If it exceeds 100ml, that has to be kept in your checked luggage. Avoid using glass containers as it may be hazardous as they can easily break and split.
E-liquid bottles are best placed in a clear quart-size transparent bag with zipping. With this, you may board with more than a 100ml bottle of e-liquids.

Spare Batteries Can Only Come In carry-On Bags
Most airlines may allow you to go with D, C, AA, and AAA batteries in your checked or carry-on luggage.
FAA prohibits spare lithium batteries in checked luggage.
You may consider going onboard with a dedicated case for your vape battery.
However, always consider your safety. For instance, a vape pen explosion on a plane can be fatal.
Mostly, e-cigs and vapes are lithium-battery-powered. This battery specification can be fatal when exposed to damage or heat. A publication reports a fire outbreak mid-flight when a passenger’s device allegedly malfunctioned.
The device suddenly began to overheat and caused a small fire. Luckily, there were no recorded casualties as the crew put out the flames in no time. While none was hurt, it exposed the possible dangers of e-cigs on a plane.
As the vape technology advances, stay updated on how to use your vapes and its accessories on the plane.
Some Helpful Vape Tips for Your Air Trips
• Get Some More Coils
It’s a good idea to have enough coil replacements, so there’s something to continue with as they burn out,improving your vaping experience. Do well to come with some extra supplies, so you don’t go hunting for a local vape shop too quickly on arrival at your destination.
Get Some Empty E-Juice Bottles
The TSA guideline prohibits possession of over 100 ml e juice. However, many vape juices come in a 120ml bottle. So, you may want to get empty vaping juice containers less than 100 ml anddistribute the juice contents in the jars.
• Leave Nothing In Your Vape Tank
E-liquids in your vape tanks may leak as aresult of cabin pressure. This can ruin other items in your bag.You can prevent this by emptying out your e juice in your tanks.
• Get Suitable Cases For Your Batteries
The airline carrier might ask that all vape batteries be transported inseparate cases. You may want to come along with some battery case, so you won’t have to dispose of some good vape battery if the airline insists.
Wrap Up – Can I Take An E-Cig On An Airplane?
You can. But you have to be responsible.
If you’re taking e-cigs on your trip, keep them in your carry-on luggage. Vape juices in your carry-on bags must be kept in a transparent quart-sized bag and with a 100ml maximum content.
You can’t go on a secret vaping (stealth vaping). Even when you try to go discreet, you could trigger the alarms, which may get you arrested.
The airlines are considerate enough to allow you to go with your vaping experience; you can only appreciate them by sticking to the regulations. In fact, the rules are for your safety.

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