Can Electronic Cigarettes Help To Quit Smoking?

Even with increasing anti-tobacco legislation and campaigns across global fronts, there’s little or no result. So, the battle continues.

However, in the US – and the world over – the campaign continuously dwells on smoking cessation and prevention, with little or nothing said about a successful transition.

Lately, our quit-smoking-campaign approach has been more of an all-or-nothing. Instead of encouraging a gradual and consistent modification that would likely achieve a sustainable behavioral change, they insist on continue or quit.

This approach may not be practical because it leaves little or no option for smokers to gratify the long-built habit.

What are e-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettesare commonly referred to as vape pens, e-cigs, or vapes. E-cigs are battery-powered units that allow users to inhale and exhale aerosols derived from heating a liquid concentrate.

 The liquid contains propylene glycol, nicotine, glycerin, artificial flavors, and other chemicals.

Remember, nicotine is the substance in cigarettes responsible for its addictive tendency.

Studies say e-cig aerosol may contain some harmful components, including diacetyl, a flavoring chemical widely linked to lung-related diseases, metals, and other chemicals that may cause cancer.

These options are widely touted as healthier option than a regular cigarette. Although some literature perceives vapes as healthier, it comes with its share of concern, and, besides, it won’t help you stop your nicotine addiction.

But does it help stop smoking as many companies promote?

If you’re concerned, this article takes a look at vapes and whether it helps quit cigarette smoking.

Cigarette smoking is thought to deliver nicotine into your bodies. Studies say smokers consume over 7,000 toxic chemicals and lung-damaging tar. These researches show smoking tobacco delivered harmful chemicals to the systems and believed to be a cause of several forms of cancer.

Conversely, although e-cig deposit nicotine into the human system, it does without smoke, a vapor.

No doubt, ‘quit smoking’ is perhaps the healthiest advice for healthiness, a healthier transition is, in fact, more practicable.

But before you hatch your plan to switch to e-cigs as a step to quitting…

Are e-cigs actually safer than cigarettes?

 As mentioned, vapes come with their share of health concerns. They are not entirely risk-free. However, experts claim traditional smoking may cause as much as 95% more health damage than vaping.

Although both cigarettes and vapes contain some similar chemicals, they are significantly less in vapes. Also there is not tar or smoke residue in e-cigs.

Over the years, there’s been a misconception about nicotine’s safety. Yes, many – perhaps, including you think nicotine does the worse damage to a smoker’s health. Sorry, that’s not entirely true.

Although the chemical is addictive and most responsible for cigarette craving, it is in itself not as much harmless. The thousands of compounds in the tobacco accounts for the tobacco-related concerns.

Can E-cig help quit smoking?

First, the FDA does not recognize E-cig as a prescription for quitting cigarette smoking. While many literature thinks E-cigs may help smokers quit, the success rate remains uncertain.

There is scarce research on electronic cigarettes’ effectiveness in helping smokers quit. A 2019 research shows that e-cig users had double chances of stopping cigarette smoking than those on patches, lozenges, gum, and related nicotine replacement tools.

However, the end of the trial showed that those who quit gums, patches and related options had better chances to quit nicotine, without any need for pieces.

Those who switched to e-cigs encountered a new challenge – quittinge-cigarette.

Although a handful of studies tow the same line, they are yet inadequate to make any substantial claims about how it helps smokers quit.


As people get increasing knowledge about tobacco and its related health concerns, there’s an increasing transition from traditional smoking to vapes.

In fact, this new innovation is gradually becoming a “quit smoking aid” prescriptions.

While there are still limited studies on its efficacy in helping people quit smoking, a handful of individual testimonies sound promising. How ever if you wants to choose from two bad habits, you can always select lesser harmful.

Let us know in comments, is it helpful to quit smoking or not?

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